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General Information

  • Librarians will teach in-person:
    • in our LRC LIB 236 classroom (much larger than our old 206 classroom!)
    • in your computer-equipped classroom
    • in a college computer lab
    • at area high schools for Middle & Early College classes
  • Librarians will teach online in Zoom, Meet, or with a pre-recorded presentation. Librarians can be embedded into your Blackboard classes for Discussion Boards, etc.
  • Librarians can create print and virtual instructional materials with sufficient notice. See Subject Guides for course-specific examples used by others.
  • Direct students to view the library video tour before librarian instruction.    
  • Contact Samantha Minnis at (616) 234-3082 or with questions.


  • Complete one request form per class session. (Tip: When submitting multiple similar sections, after submitting the first request, click the [Back] key, edit section details and resubmit subsequent section requests.)
  • Please submit requests at least one week in advance. Within one business day, your request will be confirmed with a Google Calendar appointment OR you will receive a message that your reservation is being processed. If you do not receive either, your request has not been received.
  • Upon receipt of the Google Calendar appointment, check it for accuracy and click [Yes] to accept it. If changes are required, [Reply] to that Google message with your changes.
  • Reservations are also posted in 25Live.  If you are new to the College, you may be required to log onto 25 Live once to allow reservations to be posted in that system.
Personal Information
Course Information
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Session Information

Library tours: Please share the library video tour
with your students before librarian instruction.

Would you like to start the session with a short (10 minute) in-person Library tour?
To help us prepare for the session, briefly describe your class assignment and goals and/or ILOs for this session:
You can also attach a detailed description of your requirements
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: rtf, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx.
Would you like the librarian to create a library exercise worksheet? CLS100 instructors are asked to select either the Career or Skills standardized worksheet.
Please suggest sample topics so the librarian may prepare relevant examples.