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How and when to report students of concern 

 Early AlertStudent ConductSexual MisconductBehavioral Intervention Team (BIT)
First Step

When possible, faculty should address the behavior of concern with the student and provide resources.

Attendance issues, risk of course failure, food insecurity, etc.

Address behavior of concern with the student unless it is egregious (threatening, physical, etc.) If no improvement or if an inappropriate response to request, then make a report.

Classroom misconduct or aggressive language/interaction in service area.

When you become aware of an incident or receive a report of a violation of GRCC’s Sexual Misconduct policy, regardless of where it occurred, notify the Title IX Coordinator.

Sexual harassment, domestic or dating violence, stalking, sexual assault, etc.

Trust your gut. Does something feel “off” or “not right?” Can you describe behaviors of concern? If so, report to BIT.

A significant change in appearance, mood and/or social functioning; a sense that someone is struggling or something is wrong; behavior that creates a disruptive or hostile environment, etc.


Faculty can utilize Early Alert System to document what they have addressed with the student or to request additional follow-up for student.

In most cases, follow-up phone calls to the student will be made to address concern.

Refer students to the Student Code of Conduct for disruptive/ inappropriate behavior, classroom misconduct, academic dishonesty, etc.

The full code is available at

GRCC’s Sexual Misconduct Policy is available at: SexualMisconduct.

As a responsible employee, it is your job to report any incident of which you become aware.

Report behaviors/ observations of concern that are not criminal or conduct-related for students and employees.
ReportReport through MyGRCC. Log in to Navigate. Under “Actions” choose “I want to issue an Alert”Use Online Reporting Form: StudentConductCall GRCC’s Title IX Coordinator, Michelle Hamilton, at (616) 234-2107 or any of the Deputy Title IX Coordinators.

Use Online Reporting Form:

Call: (616) 234-3

Emergencies or situations of a criminal nature

All emergencies or situations of a criminal nature need to be reported directly to the local police.

  • Emergencies x 4911
  • Police non-emergencies x 4010

Download How and When to Report Students of Concern chart