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Sexual Misconduct

We are dedicated to making sure our campus is free from harassment, violence and discrimination. That involves responding to students and staff in difficult times, including when they are dealing with issues that might violate our Sexual Misconduct Policy or the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy

Our policy addresses:

  • sexual assault
  • domestic and dating violence
  • sexual harassment
  • stalking
  • gender discrimination

A violation of our college's Sexual Misconduct Policy or Title IX Policy may also be a violation of criminal law. We have a Title IX Coordinator whose job is to respond to those incidents, walk you through our process, explain your options, connect you with resources and help you feel safe and connected on campus.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault, we have resources here to help you, described on this page. We also provide information on confidential resources outside of the college, also on this page. For state-wide resources, check out Let's End Campus Sexual Assault. For additional information about any of these resources, contact

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Options

Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance
Victoria Kane
(616) 234-2107

Deputy Coordinators:

On-Campus Resources

In addition to, or instead of, reporting your concern to our Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Coordinator, you may also wish to engage with other resources on campus, including:


For students: The counselors in our Counseling and Career Development are licensed for personal counseling. You can request a one-hour personal counseling appointment by calling (616) 234-4130.  

For Employees: Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) services are available to all employees (except student employees), their spouses and children living in their household. Services are available 24/7 via the hotline numbers: (800) 442-0809 or (616) 455-6210. Employee health insurance covers mental health support as well. You can search mental health providers through the website directory for your plan: Blue Cross Blue Shield or MESSA.

GRCC Police

If you would like to involve GRCC police and report a concern, you can contact them directly at (616) 234-4911, or (616) 234-4010 for non-emergencies. GRCC Police can also provides a Safe Walk service for you if you are feeling unsafe on campus.

Off-Campus Resources

Abuse Services

  • In Kent and Ottawa counties, Heart of West Michigan United Way: Dial 2-1-1
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: (800) 656-4673
  • 24/7 Confidential Hotline: (855) 444-3911   
    (includes children and adults)                     

Alcohol-Drugs/Mental Health Services

Domestic Violence Assistance

24/7 Hotlines

24/7 Chat services

Emergency housing

Personal Protection Order

Find help

Additional resources