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Counseling Services

We're here to help

Our services are provided by licensed professionals and are available to all currently enrolled and attending students.

In-person counseling

Our office is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center. 

Telemental Health counseling 

Virtual counseling or Telemental Health is the delivery of personal and career counseling services using remote technologies such as computers, tablets and phones. GRCC uses a highly secured platform to ensure that your privacy and information are protected.

Preparing for your Telemental Health appointment

  • Please make certain to secure a private and comfortable location prior to your session.
  • Make sure your internet signal is successfully connected.
  • Make sure that your remote device has sufficient battery power.
  • Before the first session begins students will be required to present photo identification to the counselor.
  • At the conclusion of the session, the student will be given an opportunity to schedule a future session.

What to expect in counseling

Counseling often involves facing challenging situations, remembering difficult parts of your past, and talking about and expressing intense and possibly painful emotions. Counseling can help you strengthen your coping skills, make progress in your life and/or career direction, and develop strategies for problem solving and decision making.

Our free counseling services provide therapy focused on:

  • personal issues.
  • academic concerns.
  • career decision making.

You and your counselor will decide together how frequently to meet, but sessions are typically scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis (depending on availability). If you need longer term or more frequent services, we will assist you with referrals to other community agencies.

Make an appointment

Call us at (616) 234-4130.

Please be ready to provide a photo ID for your first appointment.

24-hour emergency resources

In the event of a mental health emergency when our office is closed, please use the following resources: