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All information in your counseling records will remain confidential, within the law.

If you are under 18, discuss with your counselor how this may impact some aspects of confidentiality. Information from your record may be included in service evaluation or descriptive research. If so, your identity will not be disclosed.

Our counselors keep a confidential record on each client. The record includes this intake form and summary notes regarding appointments and other contacts with your counselor, and may include copies of any career and/or psychological assessments completed.

Confidentiality is assured with limited exceptions

  1. When you provide written authorization for the Counseling and Career Development office to release records or other information to individuals of your choosing.
  2. When your counselor determines that you pose an imminent, serious danger to yourself or others.
  3. When child abuse or neglect, or vulnerable adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation is suspected or confirmed.
  4. When release of confidential information is required by court order.

Our front desk staff does not have access to counseling records or other information about specific client concerns.