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Student Complaint Process

Regardless of the type of complaints or grievance you would like to file, there is a place on campus for your concern to be heard. The type of concern determines where to start with your complaint, as described below. If you are still unsure about where to go, please fill out the comment form or call our office and we can point you in the right direction.

Academic Concerns

  1. Speak to your faculty member directly, one-on-one.
  2. If not resolved, contact the Department Head.
  3. If not resolved, contact the Associate Dean.

Phone numbers and emails for the appropriate contact can be found by academic department, and then by visiting that department's faculty and staff page.

Academic Standing Concerns

Contact the Student Records Office at (616) 234-4121 (unless the question is about Academic Probation, at which point you would call the Counseling Center at (616) 234-3900.)

ADA Accommodation Concerns

Contact the Coordinator of Disability Support Services, (616) 234-4140 to begin the process.

Ethics (Harassment, Discrimination, etc.) Concerns

Contact the Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX Coordinator at (616) 234-2107 or you can call the Ethics Hotline at (616) 234-3169

Grade Appeal Process

Student Service Concerns

  1. Speak with the director/manager of the department or area of concern.
  2. If not resolved, contact the Dean of Student Success Office, Student Community Center room 313, (616) 234-3673

Student Behavior Concerns

File an Incident Report or contact the Conduct Office, Student Community Center room 02, (616) 234-3924.

Safety Concerns

Contact GRCC Police at (616) 234-4010.