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Preferred Name

A preferred name may be used by a student who prefers to use a name other than their legal name throughout their time at GRCC. If you need to submit a preferred name change request, per GRCC's Transgender Equal Opportunity policy, you should complete the GRCC Preferred First Name Change Request form and submit it to the Student Records Office. Your preferred name will be used in Blackboard, class rosters, and on your RaiderCard. Your preferred name may also be used in additional areas, like counseling records, advising/success coach documentation, etc., but GRCC is not permitted to use a preferred name on legal documentation, including financial aid records, IRP documentation, FOIA responses, and transcripts. If you have any questions about the Preferred First Name Change Request form, please contact the Student Records Office at

If you identify as transgender and would like to have your GRCC email address changed to correspond with your preferred name, you may fill out the GRCC Email Change Request form. The form can be submitted to the Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance, in person at the Bostwick Office Suites or via email at Upon submission of the form, GRCC will change the first name portion of your email address to correspond with the name that you use consistently at GRCC.

If you have legally changed your name due to marriage, divorce or a court decree please refer to Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact Student Records Office or Lina Blair, Director of Student Life and Conduct with any questions you may have.