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TRIO Services

Services Provided by the Student Support Services (TRIO) Program include:

  • Individualized academic planning 
    • Semester to semester course selection 
    • Transfer school help (admission essay, financial aid, application essay)
  • Career readiness
    • Career testing 
    • Career identification 
    • Academic to career connection 
    • Resume and cover letter development 
  • Tutoring
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Helps build your resume 
    • Builds transfer criteria 
  • Help to find summer research opportunities
  • Help find internships 
  • Help with paperwork 
    • Assistance with help filling out your FASFA
  • Identifying and referral to services 
    • Food 
    • Childcare 
    • Emergency funding 
  • Personal counseling 
  • Help to navigate Blackboard