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The Grand Rapids Community College Police Department has an authorized strength of 14 full-time police officers, certified by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. The Department also employs 3 full-time dispatchers.

The Police Department is located at 25 Lyon Street, at the corner of Lyon Street and Bostwick Avenue. In case of an emergency on campus, you can dial 4911 from any College phone. The Department’s non-emergency phone number is (616)234-4010. You can also use the Emergency Call Boxes located in the GRCC Parking Ramps. The call boxes have a direct and interactive line to the Police Communications Center. In addition to providing voice contact, these devices pinpoint the location of the call. Emergency calls to the GRCC Police Department can be made from public telephones located throughout the campus by dialing (616) 234-4911.

The GRCC Police Department is a team of professionals responsible for maintaining a safe environment in which the educational mission of the College can be fully realized. The Police Department is service-oriented and tailored to meet the needs of a large urban-centered institution. GRCC Police  is not a 24/7 department.  Office hours are listed on the GRCC Police webpage. In the event of an after hours emergency please call 911 to reach the local police jurisdiction.

GRCC Police Officers have completed the training course required of all police officers in the State of Michigan. Throughout the year they receive additional in-service training directed towards the special needs of the college such as bike patrol, investigative techniques, interviewing skills and similar law enforcement functions. Every officer is trained to provide emergency first aid, CPR and use the AED. The officers are commissioned under state law and have full law enforcement authority and responsibility. The GRCC Police Department investigates all criminal incidents occurring on campus. The department’s ability to operate at this level enables us to provide a sensitive, measured approach to all situations requiring police service. We also work closely with the Grand Rapids Police Department, Kent County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies.