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Police Policies

Reporting Procedures

The GRCC Police Department does everything in its power to fulfill its service-oriented goals. To be completely successful, however, it needs the assistance of students, staff and visitors.

On-Campus Crime

If you are the victim of a crime on campus, please contact the GRCC Police Department to make a report of the incident. The incident will be documented and a follow-up investigation conducted. This documentation / investigation will allow the GRCC Police to identify potential problem areas, refer the accused individual through the student disciplinary system and if necessary, prosecute the individual in the appropriate court of law. It also ensures that the annual reported crime statistics will be accurate.

During your time on campus, if you witness a crime, suspicious person or incident, contact the GRCC Police Department (4911 or (616) 234-4010). Your awareness and input are essential to crime campus prevention. Please don't let someone else become a victim.

Off-Campus Crime 

If an incident occurs off campus, the GRCC Police or Dean of Student Success will assist you in contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency for reporting purposes.

The GRCC Police Department prepares written reports of all criminal activity as well as written reports for vehicle accidents. All reports are strictly confidential. Copies of incident reports may be obtained from the GRCC Police Department, 25 Lyon Street. Before receiving a copy of the report, you will have to complete a Freedom of Information Act form. The form will be provided to you upon request at the GRCC Police Department.  A small fee will be charged for each page obtained.

Crime Log

A Crime Log is available for viewing in the GRCC Police Department (25 Lyon Street) during normal business hours.