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Adjunct Professional Development Dollars

Funds for adjunct/part-time faculty professional development

Funds provide support for current adjunct/part-time faculty in their work for the college where the expenditure is for their professional development, including but not limited to:

  • Professional activities.
  • Conferences.
  • Publications or professional dues related to their assignment at GRCC.

This fund cannot not be used for reimbursement for tangible items.


Activity requirements

  • Relates to teaching and learning and/or the field/discipline area.
  • Relates to teaching assignment.
  • Leads to innovative practices.
  • Is clearly professional development.
  • Leads to an adjunct faculty member’s learning, along with sharing what was learned with others.
  • Supports college strategic initiatives and meets college needs.

The amount

  • An adjunct may request and receive a maximum of $1,000 for professional development expense reimbursement over the life of the contract (9/1/22-8/31/25) until the available funds have been expended.
  • Requests will be considered in the order that they are received.
  • Years of service will be considered if there are two petitions that have equal merit but not enough funds are available.
  • The Adjunct Professional Development Fund Balance as of 4/1/2024 is $43,558.79.

The process

  • Contact respective associate dean for pre-approval. Include an attachment explaining how the request meets the requirements noted in the agreement (see above) and how the professional development will support their current position at GRCC, including the impact on their teaching.
  • Complete an Employee Reimbursement Request Form.
  • Attach original receipts to the request form and submit to the associate dean within six months of the activity/expense. 
  • Once the documents are received they will be reviewed and approved by the associate dean. These forms will then be returned to you for submission to the Finance Office for reimbursement. Finance is now requiring that all reimbursement requests be submitted electronically, which means you will have to:
    • Scan your documents,
    • Submit them electronically to Finance at this address:, and
    • Finance also requests that you place in the subject line of the e-mail: Reimbursement—your last name, your first name.


Contact the Alliance of Professional Support Staff (APSS) within the respective area: