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These Common Syllabus Components were approved by the Academic Governing Council (AGC) on April 23, 2013, and updated by the AGC in February 2022. The next formal review will occur during the 2024-25 academic year.

Accessing Curriculum Documents

Please use the GRCC Catalog to access the current Curriculum Documents for the Course Description and Course Outcomes. You will need to use the drop down menu on the top of the GRCC Catalog page to access the GRCC Curriculum Database. Once you have accessed the GRCC Curriculum Database, click on Courses to find a specific Course Document.

[Course Name, Number, and Section] Syllabus

General Information

Faculty Name

  • Name, Credentials, Current Rank

Contact Information and Availability

  • Preferred method of contact
  • Office Location
  • Office Hours (if applicable)
  • Phone
  • GRCC E-mail Address

Course Information

Course Title, Course Abbreviation, and Number

  • Semester and Year (Start Date to End Date)
  • Number of Credit Hours
  • Course Delivery Mode
  • Time
  • Place
  • Academic Department or Program

Course Description

  • (from Curriculum Document and GRCC Catalog)
  • Prerequisite

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Use Course Outcomes from the Curriculum Document

Required Materials

  • Textbook including ISBN
  • course packs
  • other supplies

Course-Specific Requirements

  • Background check
  • off-campus trips, etc.


  • Insert brief descriptions here (full details of assignments can be provided by other means)

Course Topics/Units

  • Insert brief overview here (see Curriculum Document for outline; full schedule can be provided by other means)

Grading Information

Grading Procedures

  • Assessment breakdown
    • including Assignments
    • Point Values
    • Percentage of Total Grade
      • Example: 25% Quizzes, 75% Papers

Grading Policies

  • How final grade is calculated (e.g. 75% = C)
  • Note any special treatment of grades (e.g. lowest quiz score dropped).

Policy Information

Late Assignment Policy

  • Insert text here

Course Attendance Policy

  • Insert text here

14 Day Absence Rule

When a student has not attended a course during a 14 calendar day period, this absence is reported by faculty to the institution, and this report would initiate a withdrawal of that student from said class. Faculty do not need to report an absence when a student is in communication and there is a shared understanding on how that student is making progress in the course.

College Attendance Policy ( View College Policies)

Academic Honesty Policy

  • Insert text here

Changes to the Syllabus

I reserve the right to change the contents of this syllabus due to unforeseen circumstances. You will be given notice of relevant changes in class, through a Blackboard Announcement, or through GRCC e-mail.

Grand Rapids Community College Policies

GRCC policies can be found online and provide you guidance on your rights and responsibilities as a student in this course and at GRCC. The links below take you directly to a specific policy. Should you have any questions about a policy, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information at the top of the syllabus.

Student E-Mail Policy

GRCC students are required to adhere to the Student E-Mail Policy.

Student Code of Conduct

<>You are held accountable to the Student Code of Conduct, which outlines expectations pertaining to academic honesty (including cheating and plagiarism), classroom conduct, and general conduct.

Title IX Reporting Policy

If you or another student experience sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, dating/domestic violence, or any form of gender discrimination, you can report a suspected violation of our Sexual Misconduct Policy or our Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy directly to our Title IX Coordinator at (616) 234-3169. The Coordinator can help communicate with faculty, connect you to resources, and discuss other options. You may also report the issue to your faculty member(s), who is required to notify the Coordinator, or you may make an appointment to speak confidentially to Counseling and Career Development by calling (616) 234-4130.

Extenuating Circumstances Recommended Statements

Until further notice, GRCC students must adhere to the prevailing COVID-19 Campus Protocols. (Faculty may need to update this portion of the syllabus if other extenuating circumstances emerge.)

Grand Rapids Community College Resources

Student Resources

Student Resources include support for mental health, food, housing, and/or financial assistance.

Information Technology Student Support

Information Technology Student Support | Grand Rapids Community College. Students seeking help with logins or other technology related issues, should contact Information Technology.

GRCC IT Status

GRCC IT Status ( This link will provide you with current information regarding disruptions and outages.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services in Room 368 of the Student Center or at (616) 234-4140 to discuss disability documentation and how to register.

Campus Safety

The GRCC Police Department can be reached on any campus phone by pressing the button labeled "GRCC Police" or by dialing 4911. When using a cell phone or an off-campus landline for emergencies, call (616) 234-4911. For non-emergencies call (616} 234-4910. For any off­-campus emergency dial 911.

Academic Support and Tutoring Services

Academic Support & Tutoring Services | Grand Rapids Community College. All GRCC students are eligible for free tutoring services. To learn more, follow the link.


When developing your syllabus, please also remember to:

  • Add course/instructor specific implications of Student Code of Conduct violations.
  • Include any mandatory course components or assessments the department has identified to be included in this course. Please contact the department and/or review the Course Document for this information.
  • Please create an accessible syllabus document to post for students on Blackboard. You may visit to view a tutorial video on creating an accessible syllabus.