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Employee Reimbursement

Reimbursement Request Forms

How to submit a Reimbursement Request

Email/scan approved reimbursement request with all supporting documents to reimbursement@grcc.eduPlease submit reimbursements to Financial Services by the same due date as time sheets for processing in the next available paycheck. For detailed instructions on how to complete a reimbursement request see the Employee Reimbursement Procedures. Learning opportunities available each semester through Professional Development.

Please include the following with each reimbursement request:

  • Employee information, including ID
  • Account number to be charged (use "7V" or "C3" for faculty professional development)
  • Employee Signature
  • Supervisor or Budget Control Officer Signature

Reimbursement requests missing information will be returned to the employee and must be re-submitted with correct information and appropriate documents.

Payment of Reimbursements

All employee reimbursement requests will be paid on the employee's paycheck.  The funds pertaining to the employee reimbursement will be electronically deposited into the same bank account designated for your payroll direct deposit.  The details of this reimbursement will appear on your payroll remittance advice and can be accessed online.

  • The submission process will be the same for the employee. The employee will continue to scan forms/supporting documents and send information to Financial Services according to current procedures.
  • Nontaxable employee reimbursements will have no effect on payroll taxes when paid on the employee's paycheck.
  • The employee will receive an email notification from ImageNow when the reimbursement has been approved.  Then, the reimbursement will be paid on the next available paycheck. 

To view any processed and paid reimbursements please log in to your Online Center using your GRCC network credentials.

Reimbursement Policy

GRCC shall reimburse employees for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred while traveling on authorized College assignments or while engaged in authorized College Business.  In the case of expenses covered by agreements with bargaining units, the expense reimbursements shall be in accord with the conditions of said agreements (View Employee Reimbursement Policy 11.1).


Questions regarding Employee Reimbursements and forms can be directed to Grace Blanchard-Griffioen at  (616) 234-2177 or by email to

Questions regarding Employee Health Benefits, Dental & Vision Reimbursements, GRCC Tuition Waivers, can be directed to Human Resources Benefits Office.