Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab

Two GRCC nursing students standing and reading over a book together

The Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab is a tutorial center for students studying all nursing, radiology, occupational therapy and dental courses offered at GRCC, as well as students in Workforce Development health programming.

Students may use this lab to study, practice skills during set practice times, work on assignments for classes and seek tutorial assistance. This is an active learning center supporting course study groups and student tutoring. Tutoring services are offered by appointment. Please contact us at (616) 234-4320 or to schedule an appointment.  The main tutoring offices can be reached at (616) 234-4145.

The Health Sciences Computer Lab is an open Computer Lab and may be used for necessary computer needs (except during classroom testing times).


Winter Semester, 2020 Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Friday: 7 a.m. - noon

Cook Academic Hall - Room 401

Open Computer Lab - Room 402

*The Health Lab is closed weekends and holidays



The Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab offers a range of resources to help students succeed.

To access the Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab Blackboard tools (if your course has been identified as a course supported in Blackboard), go to My Organizations, click on Health Sciences Resource and find your class on the left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the questions most frequently asked about the lab.

What is the Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab?

The Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab is a drop-in center for students studying in health programs at GRCC. The primary purpose of the lab is to offer an active learning environment which encourages students to become independent learners. Students may use the lab to study, practice skills, and work on assignments for class. The lab strongly encourages students to form course study groups and supports these groups through peer and professional tutoring. The lab also offers practice problems, handouts, practice tests, and a Blackboard website to assist students.

How much does it cost?

Tutoring and the use of the study lab and computer lab is a free academic support service offered by GRCC (there is a fee for printing materials).

Where is this lab located? Can I just walk in at any time?

Yes, students can go to Cook Hall, room 401 for tutoring during open lab hours for the following courses: AD110 and PN110, NUR115; others courses by appointment only.

When is the lab open?

Lab hours can be found above in this Health Lab website. Hours vary by semester.

What should I expect from tutoring?

A tutor is not a substitute for your teacher. You are expected to attend class regularly. Prior to a tutoring session, read your textbook and complete as much of your homework as possible. You will get the greatest benefit from tutoring if you come to the lab with questions about reading assignments or homework that you did not understand. You should bring your textbook, class notes, old test papers, class handouts, etc. A tutor provides expertise, experience and encouragement. We do not provide "answers," but rather assist in problem solving and helping students find their own answers.

Do I need to have a specific question to use the lab?

No, you can use the lab as a study area, or to work in small groups. When you have a question, we try to help.

Do I need to make an appointment?

It is best to make an appointment so that a tutor with knowledge in your content area is available and dedicated to that time for you.  Some classes will serve drop-in tutoring and questions.

Why do we have to swipe in with our RaiderCard?

Our budget is justified by how well our services are used. The swipe-in process helps us keep good records of lab usage. In addition, we use this information to identify ways that we can improve our services.

Is the lab equipped with computers?

Yes, the lab has 40 computers. We also have a black and white printer for printing, copying, and scanning, and a multi-function color printer available for your use in the Business Lab, room 201 in Cook Hall.

What software applications are installed on the computers?

We have the following applications installed in room 402:

  • NCLEX-RN 4000
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Other helpful sites

May we eat in the Health Sciences Lab?

The purpose of the Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab is for academic use. There are many areas around campus where students may purchase food and eat. Students may eat quietly in the tutorial side of the Health Lab if they are studying or part of a study group and are in-between classes. No food or beverage is allowed in the Computer Lab area.