Math Prep & Learning Lab

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Online Tutoring Schedule

You can access our online tutoring through the Math Prep and Learning Lab Blackboard site.

The hours and mode of operation may change. Please watch for further information.

Day Morning and afternoon hours Evening Hours
Monday-Thursday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed
Friday-Sunday Closed Closed

The Math Prep & Learning Lab (MPLL) Offers

  • Assistance for students needing to navigate the study tool in ALEKS PPL in order to improve their math placement score
  • A "Brush Up" program for students who need to retest before enrolling in MA 97
  • Services specifically designed to help students prepare for and succeed in MA 97

Do you want to improve your Math Placement Score?

  • You can access the PPL study tool through the online center.
    • Follow these instructions
    • If you drop by the lab we can help you get started in the PPL study tool, and show you extra resources available.

Do you need a brush up to improve your score before enrolling in MA 97?

  • Drop by and we will help you determine what you need to review, then provide you with either paper and pencil or computer resources to help you review.
  • Or, email us at with your name and student ID #. We will add you to Blackboard where you can access all of our lab resources online.

Do you want help with MA 97?

Online tutoring is offered through MPLL's BlackBoard webpage. You will find link to MPLL under the box "My Organizations List"

Location and Hours

We're operating online while campuses are closed. When campus opens, come see us in Cook Academic Hall Room 106.

Contact Information

Email or call (616) 234-4729.