Math Prep & Learning Lab

A student working on an assignment during class.

The Math Prep & Learning Lab (MPLL) Offers:

  • Assistance for students needing to navigate the study tool in ALEKS PPL in order to improve their math placement score
  • A "Brush Up" program for students who need to retest before enrolling in MA 97
  • Services specifically designed to help students prepare for and succeed in MA 97

Do you want to improve your Math Placement Score?

  • You can access the PPL study tool through the online center.
    • Follow these instructions
    • If you drop by the lab we can help you get started in the PPL study tool, and show you extra resources available.

Do you need a brush up to improve your score before enrolling in MA 97?

  • Drop by and we will help you determine what you need to review, then provide you with either paper and pencil or computer resources to help you review.
  • Or, email us at with your name and student ID #. We will add you to Blackboard where you can access all of our lab resources online.

Do you want help with MA 97?

  • Drop in for tutorial support
    • Bring your purple 97 Prep list and get help with that, or
    • Bring your green IR form and get help with those problems, or
    • Come in and do homework, getting help as you need it.
  • Online tutoring access via BlackBoard
    • Please access MPLL's BlackBoard web page for more information. You will find link to MPLL under the box "My Organizations List"

Location and Hours:


  • Cook Academic Hall Room 106

    Winter 2020 Schedule 
  • Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Friday: Closed

Contact Information: