Register for Classes


If you have taken classes within the last two years, your account is still active and you can sign up for classes through the Online Center.

Otherwise, visit the Returning Students page to get started.

Let us know if we can help

If you need help registering for classes after reading the instructions, schedule an appointment with us!

How to register for classes

  1. Visit your Online Center.
  2. Enter your User ID.
  3. Under the Main Menu, select Online Center.
  4. Under Academics, select Schedule Planner.
  5. Open Schedule Planner.
  6. Select the term, then click Save and Continue.
  7. Customize your schedule by changing course status, locations, terms and instruction modes
  8. Select courses to add to your schedule. Courses added are listed on the right. Once you are finished, click the Back button.
  9. Add breaks by specifying days and times when you do not want to be in class. Once you are finished, click the Back button.

Arrows pointing to where a user would enter Courses, Breaks, and then how to Generate a Schedule.

10. Select Generate Schedules after selecting courses and breaks.

11. Select View to see the different class schedules to choose from.

An arrow indicating where students would select the view option.

12. After selecting your schedule, select Send to Shopping Cart (upper right).

An arrow and box highlighting the Send to Shopping Cart option.

13. Navigate to the Start Scheduler browser tab.

An arrow pointing to the Start Scheduler and Course Enrollment tabs.

14. Then, select COURSE ENROLLMENT.
15. Select the term you've planned in the Schedule Planner.
16. Select the Import Cart button.

An arrow and box indicating where students would select Import Cart.
17. Select the Next button to view each course chosen.
18. Select Next and then Proceed to Step 2 of 3.

An arrow and box indicating the option for students to select Proceed to Step 2 of 3.
19. Select the Finish Enrolling button.
20. View and confirm your classes from the Student Center tab by selecting My Schedule.

Paying Tuition

View the total amount owed for tuition from the Student Center tab, under Finances, by selecting My Bill.

Additional help

Need additional help enrolling in classes?

Call, email, or visit our Enrollment Center in the Raleigh Finkelstein Building, first floor.
(616) 234-3300

Not sure which classes to take?

Call, email, or visit our Academic Advising and Transfer Center in the Student Center, Room 327
(616) 234-3900