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Waitlisting is here!

Selected high demand courses offer waitlists when they reach enrollment capacity. You can add your name to a waitlist through your Online Center. Joining a waitlist does NOT guarantee registration in the class. You must satisfy all course prerequisites and be eligible to register before adding your name to a waitlist.

Waitlist Information ADA

How do I determine if a class has a waitlist?

If a waitlist is available, a yellow triangle will appear on the right side of the course listing in the Online Center. To view course listings, select "Add or Drop Classes" under the "Academics" menu. Be sure to uncheck the "Show Open Classes Only" option so that you can view all offered classes. Step-by-step instructions can be found in the "Waitlist Information" brochure on the right side of this web page.

If there is no waitlist for a course section, you can periodically check the course's enrollment status using the Online Center. Seats occasionally become available when students swap and/or drop a course. This is especially true after tuition due dates.

How do I add my name to a waitlist?

Not all courses have the waitlist option. If the course does have a waitlist option, simply follow the step-by-step directions located in the Waitlist Information brochure on the right side of this web page.

How do I know where I am at on the waitlist?

You can monitor your progress on the waitlist by logging in to the Online Center.

How will I know if I’m enrolled in the class?

You will receive an email notification to your GRCC account when you become enrolled in a waitlisted class. If is extremely important, therefore, to monitor your email daily.

Once enrolled in a class when do I pay my tuition bill?

The normal tuition due dates apply the day you are automatically enrolled in a class. If you are automatically enrolled in a class before the tuition due date, your new tuition bill will be updated in the Online Center.

Normal deadlines apply, so tuition must be paid as scheduled if you are automatically enrolled in a class before the tuition due date. After that date, tuition is due by midnight of the day you were enrolled. The system automatically drops classes when tuition is not paid and because it is non-selective, you will risk losing all your classes if you fail to pay for a class in which you are automatically enrolled.

If you have an active Payment Plan, your new balance will automatically be updated to reflect any changes to your amount due.  You will receive an email notification of any changes to your payment plan.

What do I do if I no longer want the class I waitlisted?

Log in to the Online Center and remove yourself from the waitlist. This will give another student the chance to enroll in the class and ensure that you are not billed for a class you do not want.

Can I waitlist for more than one section of a class?

Yes, as long as there aren’t any time conflicts. This must be done in two separate waitlist requests. If you do get a seat in one of the sections it will automatically remove you from the other section of the same course.

Do my waitlisted courses count toward my status for financial aid eligibility?

No. Your eligibility will only change if you become enrolled in the class. It is extremely important to monitor your waitlist status because automatic enrollment could change you from a part-time student to full time.

How many credits can I waitlist?

You may waitlist up to 13 credits. Note that GRCC does not allow you to be enrolled in more than 18 credit hours per semester.

What happens if I don’t pay my tuition on time and I’m dropped from a course that I waitlisted into?

If you choose to put your name back on the waitlist, you will be placed at the bottom of the list. That is why it is vital for students who are on waitlists to monitor their email messages.