Career Coach

A group of workers from various occupations.

GRCC is proud to announce the addition of Career Coach, a valuable online search tool, to its web site. Career Coach gives GRCC students the power to explore hundreds of potential careers while providing them the tools necessary to make informed decisions about their career and educational plans. This new tool provides career information and career options necessary for student success at GRCC.

Search for a job or a program with keywords related to your career interest. Career Coach provides students and potential students with information about:

  • Regional employment descriptions
  • Career opportunities with occupational forecasts
  • Income potential 
  • Education and training available at GRCC for those specific careers.
  • Real-time job postings

Additionally, you can create an account with your own login and password. Once you have an account you may bookmark your searched information for further exploration when you return to Career Coach.

Career Coach also contains a Resume Builder that helps you create your own resume. At present there is no way to save your resume on the Career Coach system, but you may export it into MS Word after you have finished. Once you export your resume you can continue to edit the document in MS Word.

Career Coach is a great way for students to get started on their career path and the road to a successful new future.

Are you ready to begin using Career Coach? Click on the link on the right, view the short tutorial video (by clicking the blue button in the top right corner of the page), and get ready to explore your future.