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Report a Potential Breach

Incidents should be reported as soon as possible so that the team can begin their investigation and evaluation.

Report the incident

  • Phone: Call the Information Security Officer at ext. 2211
  • Email: (carbon copy (cc) your supervisor!)

Data to include

  • Date of incident (suspected or known)
  • Time of incident (suspected or known)
  • Impact of incident (# of records, etc)
  • Method of incident (hack, accidental disclosure, etc.)
  • Point of contact information (Email and phone details)
  • Do NOT include any sensitive information/actual records

Examples of a breach

  • Student grades sent to the wrong student
  • Student transcripts sent to the wrong school
  • Student schedule posted publicly
  • Non-directory student data exfiltrated from a server
  • Breach of student data due to compromised credentials
  • Student hard copy records left in the open and viewed by someone who normally would not have rights to such information
  • Lost or stolen unencrypted USB flash drives containing sensitive information
  • Stolen student hard copy records