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NetworkPurposeAccessGet help connecting
GRCC SecureDesigned to help faculty, staff and students work efficiently by blocking many high-bandwidth, non academic sites.The preferred network, GRCC Secure provides encryption on your connectionHow to connect to GRCC Secure
GRCC WirelessLess restrictive and should be used for general purposes.This network should be used for devices that cannot connect to the GRCC Secure network and by Guests of GRCC. How to connect to GRCC Wireless
EduroamGRCC is part of Eduroam, allowing guests from other participating campuses to connect using their campus credentials without extra setup.Guests from other Eduroam participating campuses can connect to GRCC's Eduroam network using their campuses credentials. Connecting to Wifi as a Guest

Guests of GRCC can connect to GRCC Wireless, utilizing email authentication.