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The Teaching, Learning, and Distance Education (TLDE) department hosts a number of events for faculty and staff throughout the year. These events are designed to provide opportunities for growth, connection and recognition. They include: 

Learning Day

Adjunct welcome event


Return from the winter break with a day-long learning experience with a set focus.  

Learning Day attendance is required for GRCC faculty.

Faculty Showcase

Evening of honor speaker


Learn from projects presented by colleagues receiving grants or returning from sabbatical.

Tenure Reception 

Tenure event


Celebrate with faculty receiving tenure! 

Adjunct Faculty Appreciation Dinner

Adjunct appreciation event


GRCC shows its appreciation for our adjunct faculty with a reception, dinner, and message from the President.

Summer Teaching and Learning Institute 

Great teacher seminar


Summer Teaching & Learning Institute (STLI) is TLDE's annual summer conference. Join us for sessions covering a wide variety of relevant topics and timely subject matter, many presented in flexible modalities to fit participants' needs.

STLI is an excellent opportunity to reconnect and recharge before the beginning of the academic year.

Opening Day Adjunct Faculty Dinner

Adjunct welcome event


To kick off the new academic year, adjunct faculty are invited to a dinner to reconnect with colleagues and get ready for the year ahead.