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The purpose of the Innovation Grants is to support faculty as they implement and showcase innovative teaching practices that lead to increased student success through High-Impact Educational Practices.  High-Impact Educational Practices are activities within an institution that enhance the educational experience for all students.

Faculty may apply for these grants of up to $500 by submitting the form.  Submissions will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Professional Development Faculty Advisory Council.

Grant recipients will be asked to showcase the results of their project during a Teaching, Learning and Distance Education (TLDE) event near the end of the Winter semester.

Faculty Showcase Badge

This badge is awarded to faculty members honored at the annual Faculty Showcase event. Each April, the Faculty Showcase highlights recipients of TLDE's Innovation Grant and faculty demonstrating innovative practice.

Faculty showcase badge logo

Innovation Grants Form

Faculty Status
Please describe the details of the project you would like to investigate or implement. The project does not need to be a new activity, it can be something you would like to continue or enhance with the supporting funds.
Please provide a description on how you plan to use the grant funds to support your project (up to $500). Examples: purchasing books, supplies, training, etc.
High Impact Educational Practices (please select all that apply to the project)