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Open Educational Resources

What are Open Educational Resources?

According to The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Open Education Resources (OER) are:

"Teaching, learning, and research materials in any media that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits their free use and repurposing by others."

In short, open education resources are all about the sharing of educational information so that everyone has access to learning. 

GRCC Courses/Sections Using OER

The lists below include links to the Open Educational Resource being used in a course at GRCC. Please be advised, OpenStax links will not open in Internet Explorer. 

Courses in the MTA have course codes marked with an *asterisk.

Courses with Zero Textbook Costs

These courses have a textbook that can be accessed for free online for all sections and do not have any additional instructional materials to purchase for the course. Courses with a lab component may still have lab fees associated that are not considered here. See also the courses below this list with very low overall textbook costs, or courses with some sections that use OER.

Courses with OER as Primary Textbook

These courses are saving students hundreds of dollars by replacing their primary textbook with an OER and have supplemented the OER with additional smaller books, workbooks, or online software to provide students a larger set of resources for success in the course.

Courses with Some Sections using OER

The courses below have an OER Textbook as their primary reference text for some sections. In the GRCC Class Finder, the sections would be marked accordingly.

Further Resources and Links



Local Institutions

National and International Associations


Other Resources

Faculty Using OER

  • "My students are not only saving money, they are getting early access to a quality textbook. A textbook available in multiple formats (Web, PDF, Word and ePub)."
    -Garry Brand, Business Law Professor
  • "We should be doing everything we can to make education accessible and affordable. Open educational resources are one of the best ways to move toward that goal."
    -Lauren Woolsey, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy