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To support the faculty and staff at GRCC, the TLDE department promotes Good Teaching Practices that embody what it means to implement equitable, inclusive teaching and culturally responsive pedagogy.

Building on Chickering & Gamson's (1987) influential work on good practices in undergraduate education, these strategies incorporate decades of research in learning sciences and the science of belonging. They equip educators with asset-based approaches to navigate today's multimodal educational space, fostering inclusive learning environments  and empowering all students to achieve success.

Good teaching practices

  • Promote Communication and Trust between Student and Educator
  • Cultivate Community and Collaboration among Students
  • Design for Active Learning
  • Facilitate Critical Thinking and Reflection
  • Provide Prompt, Meaningful, and Multimodal Feedback
  • Optimize Time on Task
  • Communicate High Expectations and Confidence in Student Abilities
  • Incorporate Diverse Talents and Diverse Ways of Learning and Knowing

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