Tooling & Manufacturing Technology Certificate

Academic Program: 920

Students will learn both the soft skills and technical skills needed to be a successful technician. Soft skills include teamwork, problem solving, quality principles and communication skills. Technical skills (based on National Skill Standards) include manufacturing principles, introduction to plastics, metallurgy, welding, hydraulics, materials handling, quality assurance, machine shop and technical mathematics.

Graduates of this program are prepared to become certified skilled tradespeople. These positions often pave the way for careers in manufacturing, tool and die, mold making and precision machining.

A student will receive a one-year Certificate in Tooling and Manufacturing after completing the first year of this program (30 credits).

This program offers the following unique features:

1. Challenge exams available for most courses.
2. Advanced standing credits are available for many high school students.
3. Work experience can be gained via Co-op classes.
4. Attend as a part-time or full-time student, days or nights.

A layout of the courses for this program is available on the right.

Faculty Advisors:

Nate Spahn

(616) 234-2244 

Jeff Tyler 

(616) 234-4474