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Pre-Environmental and Sustainability Studies, A.A. (General Transfer)

Your cross-disciplinary environmental and sustainability studies pre-major will prepare you to transfer as a junior to complete a related bachelor’s degree at the four-year college or university of your choice.

There is high demand for bachelor’s degree graduates who can implement environmental and sustainability initiatives across the public and private sectors. Job growth in this field is anticipated to be faster than average for the next decade. 

Your GRCC classes will cover a variety of subjects to prepare you to address the world’s growing environmental problems. You will focus on deepening your understanding of the physical and societal impact of environmental issues, while building skills in:

  • Research.
  • Problem solving.
  • Effectively communicating your thoughts and ideas.

Plan to work with a GRCC Academic Advisor, and your transfer institution’s advisor, to create an academic plan once you choose a bachelor’s degree. This will ensure the seamless transfer of your GRCC credits to your transfer institution.

If you have not chosen a bachelor’s degree yet, work with a GRCC Academic Adviser to follow the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). The MTA guarantees your GRCC associate degree will transfer to the public four-year college or university of your choice.

Program Courses and Requirements


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