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Pre-Pharmacy, A.A. (General Transfer)

Being a pharmacist can be a very rewarding career. Begin your academic journey at GRCC and save money on tuition which you can use on your Pharm. D. program.

GRCC's Pharmacy pre-major lays the foundation for you to enter a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) program. Pharm. D. programs are professional programs, not graduate programs, so a bachelor's degree is not required for admission; however, prior college level coursework is required.

The courses featured in the Pre-Pharmacy associate degree will meet the prerequisites for entry into many Pharm. D. programs and will aid in preparing for the PCAT exam. Admission requirements for each college and university vary. Plan to review the specific requirements where you plan to apply.

Demonstrated success in this curriculum is critical and students should understand that entry into Pharm. D. programs is highly competitive and often based on GPA, PCAT score and interviewing skills. Further, the rigorous nature of Pharm. D. programs will demand that students are academically very well prepared. 

Program Courses and Requirements


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