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Service Learning

Service Learning allows you to align your course learning outcomes to meet identified community needs in a meaningful way. Gain real-world experience, deepen your learning and receive a Service Learning designation on your transcript.

Service Learning provides faculty an opportunity to align course outcomes to meet identified community needs in a meaningful way. Students in return, gain real-world experience while deepening their learning.

Impacting more than 1,000 students each year, service learning is spread across all disciplines and provides needed services to our community.

It's kind of like a volunteer project, except specifically connected to what you are learning in your class.

  • View an example of service learning.
  • In most cases, service learning is optional.
  • Service learning hours can range from 5-20 hours depending on the project.
  • Reflection is the key element in service learning; this is typically done through journaling which helps students develop a deeper understanding of course content, awareness of community needs and builds confidence to take informed action.

If you are a student planning to participate in a service learning experience, please complete the registrations form. Upon successful completion of your service learning experience, we will add the service learning designation onto your official transcript.

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