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Welding Certificate

GRCC has one of the largest welding facilities in the Midwest, and our graduates have gone on to work in aerospace, boiler and piping, construction and restoration welding industries. Our program also offers robotics training which prepares students to work as welding technicians in manufacturing.

Through your course work to earn a Welding Certificate, you will gain enhanced welding skills in:

  • Oxy/fuel.
  • Shielded metal arc.
  • Gas tungsten arc (TIG).
  • Robotic automation.
  • Gas metal arc (MIG).

Why GRCC's Welding Certificate?

  • This one-year Welding certificate program provides you with a quick way of learning the fundamental skills of welding.
  • The credits you earn in the GRCC Welding Skills Certificate and the Welding Certificate can be applied to the Welding Technology, A.A.A.S. degree.
  • You'll gain work experience through co-op courses.
  • You'll have the potential to bypass courses by passing challenge exams.
  • Advanced-standing credits available for many high school students.
  • Flexible class scheduling.
  • Courses may be taken in any order as long as all requirements (including prerequisites) are met.
  • You'll be ready to enter an in-demand workforce upon graduation.

Additional Information