School of Arts and Sciences

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Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) at Grand Rapids Community College. We are truly delighted that you are here!

The SAS offers course work in the Natural and Mathematical Sciences, the Arts and Humanities, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Our focus is on providing high-quality, student-centered instruction in smaller classes where you can really get to know your faculty members and classmates.

In the SAS, you can take instruction in 12 different departments and programs, comprising nearly 40 different academic disciplines.  Because these courses form the core of the general education and transfer programming here at GRCC, at some point most students take coursework in the SAS.

However, your learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom or lab in the SAS. While you are here, we also encourage you to explore the wide-range of student activities available within our school — these are experiences that can deepen your understanding and complement your learning. For example, attend our Psychology Speakers Series; join the Honors Program and become a member of one of our academic honor societies; participate in Academic Service Learning; work on the Collegiate, our award-winning school newspaper; join the cast and crew of a music or theater production; and meet students who share your interests in a broad array of academic clubs and teams sponsored by the SAS.

Finally, the administration and faculty in the SAS have developed strong relationships with our community partners in higher education.  While most of our students transfer to GVSU and FSU, when it comes time to continue your education elsewhere, you will find that we have worked diligently to try and insure seamless transfer for SAS courses to other colleges and universities in Michigan and beyond.

Please explore our website to discover the many opportunities available in the SAS. If you have questions about our programming or seek assistance, the School of Arts and Sciences at Grand Rapids Community College is here to serve you.

Michael Vargo, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

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