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Dental Programs Mission Statement and Program Goals

Our mission is to present model dental auxiliary education programs that provide the dental community with credentialed and highly competent dental assistants and dental hygienists who possess the necessary cognitive, technical and employability skills to enter the professional workforce.

Dental Hygiene Program Goals


Prepare dental hygienists who are professional and ethical members of the dental health care team. Prepare graduates to provide entry-level, comprehensive, individualized dental hygiene care to a diverse population. Promote an active interest and involvement in the professional associations.


Serve as a community resource for preventive oral hygiene care and dental health education. Provide service-learning opportunities to the student to promote collaborative community dental health partnerships.


Maintain an admissions process that ensures qualified applicants access to a rigorous curriculum that integrates biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences. Provide a professional classroom, laboratory, and clinical environment where competent faculty teach and facilitate learning. Sustain a dynamic dental hygiene program that promotes contemporary, evidence/research-based dental hygiene practices. Partner with the GRCC Continuing Education and Professional Development Department to provide lifelong learning opportunities for licensed dental professionals.