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2021 - 2022 Winners

First Place - Declan Maher with the paper titled, "Manufacturing Martyrs: Mexican Political Mythology and its Production Through Art and Monuments following La Revolucion"

Second Place - Samantha Neese with the paper titled, "Social Media in Society"

Third Place - Danielle Koenig with the paper titled, "The Burdens of Androcentrism" 

2020 - 2021 Winners

First Place - Nolan Smith with the paper titled, "Can the United States & China Escape Thucydides' Trap"

Second Place - Daniel Ravencraft with the paper titled, "Correlations between the Barring of Jewish Immigrants into the United States and the Holocaust"

Third Place - Rebecca Britsch with the paper titled, "Crowd Disease, The Great War and Mass Society: An Exploration of the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic"

2019 - 2020 Winners

First Place - Megan Nordbeck with the paper titled, "Female Solidarity: Surviving Stalinism in the 1930s"

Second Place - Alicia Davis with the paper titled, "The Effects of Helicopter Parenting on Success in Post-Secondary Education: Hovering versus Helping"

Third Place (Tie) - Maggie Dulaney with the paper titled, "Patterns Throughout History: The Exploitation of the Working Class Throughout the World's Industrial Revolutions"

Third Place (Tie) - Gabriela Lantinga with the paper titled, "Galileo's Daughter: The Impact of her Catholic Faith on her Role as a Convent-Nurse"

2018 - 2019 Winners

First Place - Logan Oostdyk with the paper titled, "A Historical Investigation into the Economic Drivers for the Crusades"

Second Place - Alex Allen with the paper titled, "Interrogating Power: Torture as a Tool of Suppression in Central America and the United States Mexico Border"

Third Place - Lynnea Schutter with the paper titled, "Considering Causation for the Poverty in Guatemala"

2017 - 2018 Winners

First Place - Alex Allen with the paper titled, "Revolution From the Black Earth and Up: Russian Anarchism's Ideological Fissure with Marxist-Leninism in 1917"

Second Place - Anna Reynolds with the paper titled, "The Masculine Muscle of American Diplomacy: Understanding Gendered Motives Behind the Incursion of Cambodia"

Third Place - Ian Ezinga with the paper titled, "Social Injustice and the Deficiency of Public Housing in Mexico City"

2016 - 2017 Winners

First Place - Luke Fortier for his paper titled "The Evolution of Gender in Early Psychoanalysis"

Second Place - Joseph Voorhorst for his paper titled "Champion of Self Interest"

Third Place - Stephanie Laguerre for her paper titled "Haiti: The Black Sheep of Hispaniola"

2015 - 2016 Winners

First Place - Catharine Trachsel for her paper titled “Knowledge Threatened Through Indifference: The Importance of Weaving to the Inca People and How Hegemony and Patriarchy Sought to Destroy It"

Second Place - Joe Voorhorst for his paper titled “Institutes of Virtue"

Third Place - Grace Marz for her paper titled “Bacteria and Religion"

2014 - 2015 Winners

First Place - Eyssy Moore for her paper titled "Banana Incorporated: Corporate Interests, US Foreign Policy and Perpetual Poverty in Central America"

Second Place - Gretchen Robinson for her paper titled "Israel’s Power to Influence"

Third Place (tie): Melissa Foster for her paper titled "The Criminal Mind"  &  Carla Villasana-Acosta for her paper titled "Pablo Escobar: The Influence and Control of a Drug Lord in Colombia"

2013 - 2014 Winners

First Place - Peter Witkowski for his paper titled "The Sour Fruit of Revolution"

Second Place - Lindsay Jones for her paper titled "The Portrayal of Women in Ancient Theatre"

Third Place - Benjamin Heyn for his paper titled "Feminism and Power in Global Politics"

2012 - 2013 Winners

First Place - Allison Henley for her paper titled "A Sociological Perspective of Mental Illness"

Second Place - Angela Stoddard for her paper titled "The Power to Rule Religiously is the Religious Rule of Power"

Third Place - Christopher Maddalena for his paper titled "A Blame Game: Why Society Copes with Tragedies through Scapegoats"