On-Campus Employment

About On-Campus Employment?

  • Employment on-campus is at one of several GRCC locations or with a select community organization.
  • Available to current students enrolled in at least six credits in both the fall and winter semesters, and three credits for summer semester.
  • Starting in the Winter Semester 2019, pay rates will be increasing to $10.00/hr (Lifeguards $10.50)!
  • Did you know that GRCC Students who are employed by the college as student workers are not required to pay FICA taxes? This equates to more than $0.70 extra per hour in take home pay than an off-campus position! So, making $10.00 at GRCC is like making $10.70 elsewhere!
  • Some positions may require a Work-Study Award. To learn more, please go to "Work-Study vs Non Work-Study" on our menu links.

Why do students choose to work on-campus?

  • Students choose on-campus employment because of its convenience and the opportunity to work closely with faculty, staff, and other students.
  • GRCC Student Employees develop work skills and gain valuable experience while earning money to pay for their expenses. Research shows that working on campus can lead to improved academic performance.
  • Students learn time management skills, become more familiar with college services and resources, and make real connections with other GRCC employees.
  • On-campus employment will expose you to a professional and supportive academic work environment.
  • You'll learn and develop valuable work employment skills and leadership qualities that will benefit you in your career path.

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