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Middle College is a 13th year experience giving students an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and up to 60 transferable credits and/or an associate degree or technical certificate while in high school. 

We currently partner with the following districts: Wyoming, Cedar Springs, East Kentwood, GRPS/Ottawa Hills, KISD/Launch U and Kenowa Hills. 

The vision of the early/middle college partnership is to provide the opportunity for participating students to earn both a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree in four years or certificate in two years. Students will be “dual-enrolled” in high school and college courses, with tuition and regular semester fees for the college courses paid for by the secondary school partner as part of the district’s per pupil state funding. 


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  • Application-based program during freshman year with college courses beginning during their sophomore year for associate degree programs.  For certificate programs, students apply junior year with college courses beginning their senior year.
  • Students still complete the Michigan Merit Curriculum courses and more college degree courses in each subsequent year of high school.
  • College course tuition, regular semester fees and textbooks may be paid by the secondary partner. Please note: There could be additional course fees that will be out of pocket expenses for students/families.
  • Student support services are offered to the students during the high school day.
  • Early/Middle college programs include a 13th year of coursework.


  • Approved by their high school counselor/administrator.
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2 steps to becoming a middle college student

Step 1 - Complete online application

Step 1 - Complete online application

Choose the semester.

Step 2 - Submit documents

Step 2 - Submit documents

Students will need to print and submit the following documents to their Middle College coordinator. 


If you have questions on how to apply, please contact the High School Department at or call us at (616) 234-3007 and will be happy to assist you.