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1. Issuance of RaiderCard

a. Student. GRCC will issue the RaiderCard to a student upon satisfaction of the conditions set forth in this paragraph. To obtain a RaiderCard, a student must be currently enrolled in classes and present a valid picture identification.

A student's Card will not be activated until the student has paid for his or her tuition for the semester during which the RaiderCard is intended to be active, as well as all past due fees, fines and expenses, or unless the student has a “form of payment” certified with the Student Financial Services (formerly Cashier's) and/or Financial Aid offices as indicated on the student's financial record. GRCC shall issue the first RaiderCard to the student without charge. RaiderCards will be issued by Student Life,  Enrollment Center/Orientation, the Gerald R. Ford Fieldhouse Information Office, Leslie E. Tassell MTEC® and the Lakeshore Campus.

b. Staff. GRCC will issue a RaiderCard to Staff upon satisfaction of the conditions set forth in this paragraph. Staff members must be currently employed with GRCC and show a valid picture identification. The first RaiderCard issued to the staff shall be issued without charge. RaiderCards issued to staff will be issued by Student Life and the Ford Fieldhouse Information Office.

c. Health Club Members. GRCC will issue health club members a RaiderCard upon satisfaction of the conditions set forth in this paragraph. To obtain a RaiderCard, a health club member must have completed the health club application form, paid all appropriate fees and presented a valid picture identification. The first RaiderCard issued to health club members shall be issued without charge. RaiderCards issued to health club members will only be issued by the Gerald R. Ford Fieldhouse Information Office.

d. Guests. GRCC will issue a RaiderCard to guests, subject to availability, by making a written request to Student Life. Guest card balances are non-refundable and expire twelve (12) months after the last use or transaction. A processing fee will be administered for all guest cards.

e. Photo Identification. Attached to each RaiderCard (except for Guest Cards) shall be a photograph which clearly shows the entire face of the cardholder. GRCC shall have the right to determine, in its sole discretion, if a photograph meets the above standard and to require the Cardholder to be photographed again to meet this standard. No Cardholder who is wearing a hat, head covering, or dark glasses shall be allowed to be photographed for the purpose of the RaiderCard. GRCC may make exceptions to this rule to accommodate a Cardholder's religious practices or medical condition.

f. Valid Picture Identification. For purposes of this Section, valid picture identification includes valid driver's license, state identification cards, and passports.

g. Acceptance of RaiderCard Policy. Making a deposit or use of the privileges and functions listed in this policy by the cardholder (including, but not limited to, door access, payment for campus services or products, parking access, and library use) signifies agreement with these terms and conditions.

h. Cardholder Photos. Cardholder photos are the property of Grand Rapids Community College and may be used within the College for administrative use and identification purposes. The college defines cardholder photos as directory information and, as such, will not be made available to third parties without cardholder consent. Examples of appropriate uses of cardholder photos include, but are not limited to, internal employee/student directories, class rosters, and identification at point of services.

2. Parking Privileges

a. The RaiderCard may be used to pay for discounted parking at GRCC owned parking facilities, as well as other facilities that GRCC may designate from time to time. This service is available only to students who are currently enrolled in good standing. GRCC reserves the right to terminate such privileges at any time for students who cease to be enrolled in classes at GRCC, as well as for students who do not abide by GRCC policies and procedures.

b. Parking charges will be assessed at the time that the student exits the GRCC parking facility. If a Cardholder does not swipe their RaiderCard card upon entrance, the Cardholder is responsible for paying the appropriate fee upon exit of the parking facility.

c. The RaiderCard holder may park only one automobile in an approved parking area and the Cardholder assumes all risks of loss associated with such parking including risks associated with fire, theft, damage, or personal injury. GRCC assumes no liability for damage to an automobile in its parking facility, including damage by entering with a vehicle whose height exceeds the posted clearance bars at the ramps.

3. General Terms and Conditions

a. The following terms and conditions will govern the use of each Cardholder's RaiderCard account. GRCC reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any policies issued in connection with the use of the RaiderCard at any time. If an amendment to the terms and conditions reduces, limits or restricts the Cardholder's rights under the terms and conditions of the most recent version of this Agreement, GRCC will give at least twenty (20) days prior written notice of such change. Such changes will become effective immediately upon the lapse of such twenty (20) day period and the Cardholder's continued use of the RaiderCard will constitute his or her acceptance of the new terms and/or conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if an immediate change is necessary for security or other reasons, GRCC may make immediate changes and notify Cardholders after the changes have been made in which case, the change shall become effective immediately.

b. GRCC will not pay interest on any account balances and will not extend credit to any Cardholder.

c. GRCC will comply with all applicable laws regarding the use of information and stored images. GRCC will issue privacy notices as required by law.

d. Students are required to possess a valid RaiderCard and carry it at all times while on the GRCC campus. The RaiderCard must be presented to GRCC officials upon an appropriate request. Staff is encouraged to wear their cards in a visible place, on their person, during working hours. RaiderCards are to be used only by the person to whom it is issued and only the Cardholder can present the card for debit and other privileges. GRCC reserves the right to confiscate any RaiderCard which is presented by someone other than the Cardholder or if the Cardholder violates any GRCC policies and procedures. The debit feature of the RaiderCard is optional and the Cardholder's debit account will be activated upon initial deposit by the Cardholder.

e. Lost or Stolen RaiderCard. If a RaiderCard is lost or stolen, the Cardholder must immediately notify GRCC. The student may notify GRCC any time via the RaiderCard Website at A Cardholder may also notify GRCC during business hours at Student Life, first floor, Student Center or by telephone at (616) 234-4160. Notice may also be given to the GRCC Police Department, 25 Lyon St. NE, or by telephone at (616) 234-4010. A CARDHOLDER SHOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE A VOICEMAIL MESSAGE WITH ANYONE OR AN EMAIL INDICATING THAT THE CARD IS LOST OR STOLEN. ALL COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE MADE DIRECTLY TO A STAFF MEMBER OR USING THE ON-LINE CARD OFFICE. After appropriate communication has been made, the Cardholder's RaiderCard will immediately be deactivated.

  1. The liability of a Cardholder will not exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) for unauthorized transactions if the loss is reported within twenty-four (24) hours of the actual loss. GRCC will have no liability if the lost or stolen card is not reported within twenty-four (24) hours of the loss or theft.
  2. GRCC reserves the right to limit the amount that a Cardholder may place in his or her Raider account.
  3. A replacement fee will be charged for any replacement RaiderCard which has been lost or stolen.
  4. A Cardholder who locates his or her RaiderCard after it has been deactivated must bring such card to Student Life for reinstatement if a replacement card has not been issued.
  5. GRCC will not be responsible for any misuse of the card for illegitimate purchases.

f. Replacement Fees.

A Cardholder will be charged for all replacement cards. The replacement fee will be $10.00 for each card.

A new card will be issued to a Cardholder if the magnetic strip will no longer work and if the card is older than four (4) years.

g. If a Cardholder's status as either a student, staff, or health club member changes; or if the Cardholder's name changes, a new card will be issued without charge. A new card will only be issued for students and staff when the change has been made effective at the appropriate office (Students need to contact the Student Records, Room 148, first floor, Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, formerly Main Building. Staff need to contact Human Resources). Health club members will need to provide proof of name change at the Health Club Office.

4. Statement and Balance Information

Cardholders may seek balance information any time through the RaiderCard cash machine and via the internet at Balance information can also be requested in writing at Student Life.

5. Deposits

Cash, debit and credit card deposits may be made at any time at any a RaiderCard to cash machine. Personal checks and coins will be accepted during normal business hours at the Student Financial Services office (formerly Cashier's), Room 154, first floor, Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall. Funds will be immediately available for deposits made by cash, credit card, and checks. Checks that are returned for insufficient funds or closed accounts or for any other reason will be assessed a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) returned check fee. Any Cardholder who writes a check which is not honored will have a negative service indicator (NSF) placed on his or her account to prevent academic activity until all amounts are fully paid. Once the NSF is paid, the NSF service indicator will be removed and replaced with a NCK service indicator. The NCK service indicator will not prevent academic activity but will prevent the use of checks for payments for two (2) years.

6. Refunds

Cash withdrawals from a RaiderCard account are not permitted. A Cardholder who wishes to receive a refund must fill out a Refund Form on the RaiderCard webpage. Refunds will be issued through the BankMobile Disbursements refund process within 15 business days after a valid request is received and the following conditions are met:

  1. The account holder graduates withdraws or is dismissed from GRCC and/or terminates employment; and
  2. The account balance is one dollar ($1.00) or more and the student does not have a past due balance to GRCC. If no refund preference is selected with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc., then a refund check will be written in the name of the account holder and mailed to the current address on GRCC files. An account with which there has been no monetary activity over a twenty-four (24) month period will be considered inactive. Inactive accounts with balances will be assessed an annual twenty dollar ($20.00) service charge. Inactive accounts with balances less than twenty dollars ($20.00) will be brought down to zero.

7. Error Resolution

If the Cardholder believes that an error or discrepancy has occurred with respect to his or her account, the Cardholder should immediately notify GRCC by delivering a written report to Student Life, Room 26, first floor, Student Center. Questions concerning deposits made on an account need to be communicated to the attention of the Student Financial Services office (formerly Cashier's), Room 154, first floor, Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, during normal business hours. Student Life must be contacted by the Cardholder no later than sixty (60) days after the day on which the discrepancy appears. If a Cardholder makes an oral request, Student Life may require that a Cardholder send the request in writing within ten (10) business days. The Cardholder will be requested to include the Cardholder's name and student identification number, describe the transaction in question, and explain as clearly as possible the discrepancy, and indicate the date and dollar amount of the transaction. Student Life will inform the Cardholder of the results of its investigation within ten (10) business days after it has received all appropriate information from the Cardholder. If Student Life needs more information, however, it may take up to forty-five (45) days to investigate the discrepancy. If Student Life finds it is necessary to take such additional forty-five (45) days, the Cardholder's account will be credited by the amount of the discrepancy within ten (10) days so that the Cardholder will have use of such funds during the time it takes to complete the investigation. If the Cardholder is asked to put the discrepancy in writing and Student Life does not receive it within ten (10) business days, GRCC is not obligated to credit the account during the period of investigation. If Student Life determines that there was no error, the Cardholder will be sent a written explanation within three (3) business days after the finish of the investigation and reapply the disputed item to the account. The Cardholder may ask for copies of the documentation Student Life used during the investigation.

8. Account Termination

The Cardholder may close his or her account at any time by giving written notice to Student Life, Room 26, first floor, Student Center. Once the card has been terminated, it may no longer be used for purchases. GRCC may terminate a Cardholder's right to use the card for purchases or other privileges at any time in its sole discretion.

9. Miscellaneous

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan without regard to conflict of law principles. This Agreement may only be amended as provided in this Agreement. The Cardholder understands and agrees that this Agreement may not be amended unless such amendment is in writing. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto, as well as their respective successors, assigns, heirs, personal representatives, and trustees.