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All students and employees are required to have a RaiderCard as part of our ongoing commitment to campus safety.

If you are an enrolled student, and were never issued a RaiderCard, we will send an email a few weeks into the semester to remind you to come to campus to get your RaiderCard.

RaiderCard features

RaiderCards are “contactless," allowing you to scan at readers. They can be used:

  • For printing, parking, and building access.
    • All building doors on GRCC campuses will be locked after hours and require raider cards to enter. 
    • The Entrances.
  • As your GRCC library card.
  • To pay for meals at campus dining and add funds using the cash-to-card machines on campus.
    • Deposit money into your account using StudentLink. Friends and relatives can deposit into your account when you give them access.
    • Set up low balance warnings and automatic deposits from your bank account.
  • To hop on the Sneden Shuttle
  • Student parking

Parking at GRCC's main campus

  • Utilize your student ID card to enter and exit the parking ramps.
  • Parking is $3.50 per day, and is charged after you scan out of the parking ramp. You must have sufficient funding on your ID card for the transaction to be approved.
    • This rate does not apply if you pull a parking ticket to enter. You will be double charged if you do not scan your card and park again within the same day. Without a RaiderCard or sufficient funding on the card, parking costs $2 per half-hour or $12 per day.
    • You can use studentlink to add funds online, as well as personalized settings like a low balance alert and automatic deposits. You are also able to make a deposit at one of our on campus kiosks.
  • If you don’t use your RaiderCard or do not have sufficient funds, you will be paying the public rate, which is $2 per hour, maximum $12 per day.

Three main parking areas:

  • Parking Ramp A: This is by far the largest ramp on campus with multiple entrances/exits. Entrances can be found at the top of the ramp just off of Ransom Street and on the lower level at Fountain Street.
  • Parking Ramp B: Entrance on Bostwick Street NE.
  • Parking Ramp C: There is an entrance on Fountain street, directly across from Central innovation high school. Also an entrance off of Fulton Street East. 

How do I get a RaiderCard?

  • Be enrolled in class for the current or upcoming semester. 
  • You will need to bring in some form of photo identification.
  • We offer photos to be taken and printed same day at these offices from 8:00am-5:00pm: Student Life, Tassell MTEC or Lakeshore Campus.
    • If you would like, you can upload your own photo using the student link tile in your "My GRCC" account. 
      • Watch this video on how to upload your photo
      • Online-only students unable to pickup their RaiderCard may upload their photo and have that photo linked to their Blackboard profile.
  • Your first RaiderCard is free, and replacements cost $10 (No charge for a replacement after two years of holding onto it).
  • We do not mail ID cards out. If you have limited availability during normal business hours, please reach out to

Using your RaiderCard

Make sure you can always get what you need and keep track of how much money you have left to spend throughout the semester. With RaiderCard, there are no credit card charges or interest. (RaiderCards cannot be used for tuition payment).

Budget your spending money by depositing funds to your RaiderCard account. If you have excess financial aid of $75 or more, a balance of $75 may automatically be transferred to your RaiderCard for parking, printing, food, and other campus needs. Unused financial aid funds on the RaiderCard will be removed after the first 4 weeks of the semester and will be issued to students as a refund. For this exact date each semester, please visit the financial aid important dates page

Please keep your RaiderCard with you at all times to enable building access. To unlock the exterior doors of buildings during allowed hours, scan your card on the card reader until it turns green. If you are unable to access a building, please get in touch with GRCC Police at (616) 234-4010.

Where you can use your RaiderCard

You can access free and money-saving resources on and off-campus, including:

  • Academic Support: Check in with your RaiderCard to access tutoring and computer labs across campus.
  • Gerald R. Ford Fieldhouse: Do you work out? You do now! Each semester your RaiderCard will get you free access to all the amenities at the Fieldhouse .
  • Library: Check out books and access other resources.
  • Parking: Use your RaiderCard to park in a GRCC lot for a $3.50 daily rate when you tap your RaiderCard at the entrance and the exit readers. Without a RaiderCard, parking costs $2 per half-hour or $12 per day.
  • Printing: Swipe your RaiderCard at a lab, Library, Student Life, or the Enrollment Center printer and pay only $0.10 cents per page for black and white printing, and $1.00 per page for color.
  • Restaurants: There are many on-campus dining options, and they all take your RaiderCard. You can also pay with your RaiderCard in either of the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education lab kitchens — Foodology and The Heritage Restaurant.
  • Sneden Shuttle: Travel between the Main and DeVos campuses.
  • Your GRCC photo will also be displayed on your blackboard and in your navigate account

RaiderCard Discounts in Grand Rapids

Your RaiderCard will get you free admission to GRAM, Grand Rapids Public Museum, Gerald R. Ford Museum, John Ball Zoo, and Grand Rapids Children's Museum. See Go See GR! for more information.