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Increasing student success and improving retention is a priority and common goal that is shared across the institution at GRCC. Advisors, counselors, professors, staff and the students themselves all play a role in contributing to enriching people's lives and contributing to the vitality of the community (GRCC's Vision).GRCC's mission is to provide the community with learning opportunities that enable people to achieve their goals.

Early Alert System

The goal of the Navigate Early Alert system is to identify at-risk students and refer them to appropriate resources so that faculty and/or staff may assist before a student withdraws or falls too far behind in their coursework. Risk indicators include such factors as:

  • Excessive absences.
  • Poor performance on assignments/exams.
  • Has not logged on or has not had enough time on task for an online course.
  • Missing assignments, exams, or homework.
  • Potential hardship. 

How does the Early Alert System work?

  1. Students are identified based on the above noted risk indicators.
  2. When an alert is sent, the Coordinator of Student Success & Retention, or other faculty/staff member is notified. 
  3. Student is contacted in order to determine which resources are most appropriate to encourage improved performance.
  4. Faculty/staff member who issued the alert is updated with appropriate information once the alert is closed.

Where can I access the Early Alert System?

For classroom Faculty Early Alert can be accessed through Blackboard by clicking on any link under "Early Alert" at the bottom of Blackboard.

For other GRCC staff Alerts are issued through the Navigate homepage. 


For more information, please contact Denise Jones at with any questions regarding the Early Alert System or other retention services offered by the Student Success & Retention department.