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Late Semester Hardship Withdrawal Information

The Late Semester Hardship Withdrawal Request process is used only after the 70% mark in the semester - when students can no longer drop courses themselves through the Online Center.

If a personal hardship, as defined in this policy, occurs after the 70% mark in the semester and prevents you from successfully meeting your course requirements, the college will consider your request for class withdrawal so you have the space to recover from your hardship without negatively impacting your academic goals.

Conditions of a hardship must be presented for the request to be considered. The process does not approve requests for students who are dissatisfied with their grade(s) and unable to drop courses themselves because it is too late.

An approved Late Semester Hardship Withdrawal Request replaces grades for requested classes with a DR (administrative drop). 

What is considered a 'hardship'?

GRCC's policy interprets a "hardship" as an event or circumstance that causes significant suffering, or otherwise hinders attendance and/or academic performance late in the semester.

This may include (but isn't limited to):

  • physical/psychological emergency.
  • unplanned deployment or job change.
  • loss of housing.
  • death to dependent individual.
  • other unavoidable events that significantly prevents academic progress.

In the unfortunate event that the hardship is a student death, this form can be completed by a parent, spouse/partner, child, sibling or immediate family member over the age of 18.

Late Semester Hardship Withdrawal Request Procedures

  1. Students who seek to withdraw from the College because of hardship must submit a written request to the office of the Associate Dean of Student Success and Retention (Late Semester Hardship Withdrawal Request form). Submit completed form, with narrative and documentation, to the office for the Associate Dean of Student Success and Retention - or 347 Student Center.
  2. The request must contain supporting documentation verifying the nature of the situation, dates the situation occurred, and an explanation of how the hardship affected the student’s ability to be successful. Sources of such documentation include, but are not limited to:
    • Medical forms indicating hospitalization or decreased capacity to complete coursework
    • Legal documents indicating inability to attend class or decreased capacity to complete course work (i.e. police/fire report, letter from attorney, court records, etc.)
    • Obituaries or other documents indicating death of immediate family member
    • Other formal documentation related to the uncontrollable circumstances impacting student success
  3. You will be contacted if additional documentation is requested to make a decision regarding your request. If contacted, you will have 10 business days to supply additional documentation or your request will be considered a denial.
  4. The Associate Dean will establish a review team to make determinations as to whether the event and documentation supports a finding that the student was unable to be successful due to the occurrence of the hardship.
  5. Students who wish to appeal the outcome of their Late Semester Hardship Withdrawal Request may do so by submitting an appeal in writing to the Dean of Student Success and Retention within 10 business days of notification of the initial finding. The decision of the Dean of Student Success and Retention is final.

Submission deadline

All requests for a Late Semester Hardship Withdrawal must be submitted after the 70% mark of the semester but no later than the following dates (unless the date is a weekend or holiday, in which case the due date is the next College business day):

  • Fall Semester – due January 31
  • Winter Semester – due May 31
  • Summer Semester – due September 30

The Late Semester Hardship Withdrawal Request process does not provide refunds. Approval does not provide reimbursement of tuition or fees. Requests for refunds are only accepted prior to the 70% mark and must be requested through the Cashier's Office process directly by completing their Tuition and Fees Refund Appeal Application after withdrawing from classes in your Online Center. Please refer to that form for guidelines, requirements, and the appeal review process.

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