Student Advising

Trees reflecting off of a still river

Visual Arts Academic Advising

The Visual Arts Department will be offering Academic Advising to art and photography majors on:

Monday, March 16, and Tuesday, March 17, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Visual Arts students are offered initial curricular advising by meeting with Professor Nick Antonakis, Visual Arts Department Head: or (616) 234-4185.

Semester by semester advising is offered every year.

Advising by appointment

Nick Antonakis, MFA, Visual Arts Department Head and Professor of Painting and Drawing     616-234-4185


Katie Budden, MFA, Professor of Design and Drawing      616-234-4183


Scott Garrard, MFA, Assistant Professor of Ceramics and Sculpture      616-234-4182


Kimberly Overdevest, MA, ABD, Associate Professor of Art History      616-234-4851


Filippo Tagliati,  MFA, Associate Professor of Photography       616-234-4878