Student Advising

Trees reflecting off of a still river

Visual Arts Academic Advising

The Visual Arts Department will be offering Academic Advising sessions in the upcoming Fall and Winter semesters. The schedules will be announced. 

Visual Arts students are offered initial curricular advising by meeting with Professor Nick Antonakis, Visual Arts Department Head: or (616) 234-4185.

Advising by appointment:

Nick Antonakis, MFA, Visual Arts Department Head and Professor of Painting and Drawing     616-234-4185


Katie Budden, MFA, Professor of Design and Drawing      616-234-4183


Scott Garrard, MFA, Assistant Professor of Ceramics and Sculpture      616-234-4182


Kimberly Overdevest, MA, ABD, Associate Professor of Art History      616-234-4851


Filippo Tagliati,  MFA, Associate Professor of Photography       616-234-4878