Motorcycle Safety Training

Ride safe, ride right

Our Basic RiderCourse Motorcycle Safety Training is recommended for all new riders or those with informal training.

This training is required to tide for persons who have failed the Secretary of State 3rd party road skills test twice, or if you're under 18.

Course requirements

  • A valid Michigan Driver's License or documentation of an approved Driver Education Course.
  • 18 hours of training on a provided motorcycle, including online, classroom and range time. Due to strict safety and size regulations, you'll need to train using our motorcycles.
    • Our inventory includes: Suzuki GZ250’s, Honda Rebel 250’s, Honda CB125s, Suzuki TU250W’s and Honda Nighthawk 250’s.
  • A Parental Waiver form if you are under 18. If your parent is unable to accompany you to class, you must have this form notarized.

Course fees

The course costs $50 per person and includes all of the necessary materials, including your course workbook, instruction, a loaner motorcycle and fuel!


We do not provide refunds and are unable to transfer the registration to another person or class. If you must cancel your registration, please call (616) 234-BIKE (2453).


Our next courses begin April 2021. If you would like to be notified when classes open, please sign up.

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