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Report a Vending Machine Issue

Report a Vending Machine Issue

If a Coke product and/or Canteen food item was purchased from an on-campus vending machine and you experienced an issue (i.e. item not dispensed, change not given etc..) you may request a refund at the following:    

  • Refunds: All refunds are given via RaiderCard funds. If a refund is approved, please complete the form below to report the issue and then email to request a refund.  

Please complete the form to let us know which vending machine needs service. 

Vending Machine Information
Which type of machine requires service?
This is typically located on a sticker at the top left or top right corner of each machine.
Is this a Coke Vending Machine?
Location of the Machine
Which floor of the building is the machine located? If you're unsure of the floor, please describe the area the machines are located in.
What is the nature of the problem?
I understand that completing this form does not generate a refund to my account. All refunds will need to be communicated to