Winter 2020 Grading Options

New grading options for new circumstances

While we encourage you to stay in your classes and finish strong, we want to be flexible and responsive to your concerns through these changing circumstances.

  • Taking a credit/no credit grade. 
    • At the end of the semester, after grades have been recorded, you have the option to change a letter grade to a Credit/No Credit grade.
  • Planning to keep the grade you earned in your classes? You do not need to take any action.
  • See FAQs on grading options.

Additionally, GRCC is suspending the Academic Standing Policy for Winter 2020, and as such a student’s academic standing will not be adversely affected by Winter 2020 grades.

Taking a Credit/No Credit Grade

At the end of the semester, you may petition for a class to be changed to a credit/no credit (CR/NC) grade through the Online Center.

Faculty will grade classes as they normally would. Students who earn a C grade or higher will have the option to petition for a CR (credit) grade. Students who earn a C-minus or lower will have the option to petition for an NC (no credit) grade.

Students must submit a petition for this change by May 12, 2020. The Student Records Office will post the CR/NC grades once this deadline has passed.

What to know about taking CR/NC grades

  • Your instructor cannot assign the “CR” or “NC” grade, you must submit the petition for this change.
    • Submit this petition in your online center account. Select the tile Petition for Credit/No Credit Grade. 
  • You cannot submit this petition until your instructor has posted your earned grade for the class you are petitioning to change. This option allows you to convert your earned grades to credit/no credit if you choose to.
  • On the petition form, you will be presented with the option to either keep your original grade or change to credit/no credit for each of your graded courses.
  • Courses taken for credit “CR” will fulfill your degree requirements.
  • A grade of C or above can be requested to change to a "CR", a grade of C- or below can be requested to change to an "NC." 
  • W, I, and DR grades cannot be changed to credit/no credit.
  • CR/NC grades are not factored in students’ overall cumulative GPA calculation
  • If an employer or other organization is paying tuition for the student, the student should consult with this organization to determine if a CR/NC grade is an acceptable option.
  • You are encouraged to speak with an academic advisor, faculty member, and/or financial aid specialist prior to submitting the petition.
  • High School students (dual enrolled, concurrent, and middle college) should speak with the Director of High School Partnerships before submitting the petition. Contact Robin Sterk at or (616) 234-2583.
  • Once you submit the petition, you will receive a copy of your request to your GRCC email.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I withdrew from my class(es) before these new grading options can I still petition to change my grade(s) to Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC)?

No. If you withdraw you will receive a “W” grade and will not have an option to petition this for a CR/NC designation later.

If I took a class previously that I earned a letter grade for and am repeating it in winter 2020 will the previous letter grade be replaced with the Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) grade?

For purposes of repeat checking (replacing grade points of a class that was previously completed) and its impact on GPA calculation, a "CR" is equivalent to a C though it will not be calculated into GPA. The "NC" grade does not replace a previously earned grade for the same course, even if it was a failing grade.

Will Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) grades allow me to enroll into a class that has a specific prerequisite?

This depends on the course prerequisite. A CR grade for a prerequisite requirement will satisfy the “C or higher” prerequisite for a course. If the prerequisite requires a grade higher than a C, then a CR grade would not suffice to enroll in the next course.

Will GRCC Health Programs, the GRCC Law Enforcement Program, and any other secondary admission programs at GRCC consider the Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) grade or Withdraw (W) grades as a second attempt?

All students who are repeating a course for admissions into a secondary admissions program at GRCC should contact that specific department.

How do I know how my transfer school(s) will handle CR/NC grades (especially secondary admit programs)?

We recommend that students connect with the school they are planning to transfer to, to verify. GRCC will consider the CR to b equivalent to a “C or higher”.

Will a Credit (CR) grade apply to the MTA (Michigan Transfer Agreement)?

GRCC will use this to satisfy MTA requirements. However, acceptance of MTA is up to your transfer school.

Will all students get a free pass from Academic Standing for winter 2020 or only those that choose the Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) grade?

No students will be placed on academic probation or academic suspension following winter 2020 grades.

Is there a limit on how many credit hours a student can ask to have petitioned as a Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) grade?


If my classes were suspended halfway through the semester, and I am required to complete them during a designated time in summer 2020, what do I do if I cannot attend at that specific designated time due to work or other responsibilities?

Students that cannot attend when a suspended class is scheduled to resume will have the option for a Withdrawal with a Future Retake Credit. The deadline for that withdrawal will be extended for those specific suspended classes. Please contact the specific academic department for help.

If I withdraw from a class in winter 2020 and earn a grade of W, and then retake the class again in summer 2020, fall 20202, or winter 2021 will the W graded be wiped from my transcript?


If I withdraw from a class in winter 2020 and elect to retake it in summer 2020, fall 2020 or winter 2021, will this class count towards full time or part time status? Or, do I have to enroll in enough additional credits to be considered full or part time?

The retake credits will count toward that semester’s credit to determine your enrollment state (part time vs. full time).

If I withdrew from a class before the college offered these winter 2020 grading options, will my withdrawal be considered retroactively?

If you withdrew from a class, you cannot petition for a Credit/No Credit grade. However, you may still be eligible for a retake of the course (or courses) you withdrew from. As long as the course did not end prior March 12th, you can re-enroll in the course you withdrew from in summer 2020, fall 2020, or winter 2021 and then complete the Retake Request Form in the Online Center. These steps must be complete by April 10.

If I elect to earn a grade of CR (Credit) will I still earn the same number of credits for that class?


If I elect to earn a grade of N (No Credit) will I still earn the same number of credits for that class?

If you select No Credit, you will not receive credit for these classes.

If I am a middle college, dual enrolled, or concurrent enrolled student, will my high school accept a grade of CR (Credit) or N (No Credit)?

Middle College, dual-enrolled, and concurrently enrolled students should consult with their high school counselor and the GRCC Director of High School Partnerships ( or (616) 234-2583).