Study Away Resources for Faculty

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We are so glad you are exploring teaching a course with a study away experience!  Below you will find information that will help you start and finish the process of submitting a study away proposal.  These processes have been established through the Study Away Team and in alignment to the Standards of Good Practice through the Forum on Education Abroad.

Plan, Plan and Plan! 

Preparing and leading a study away experience is a two-year process. The first year is focused on developing and approving the proposal with the second year focused on student recruitment and facilitation of the experience. 

Study Away Proposal

A proposal is required for all Study Away experiences to be considered. The submission of the proposal is a three step approval process.  The first step is the pre-approval submitted by December 1 gaining the support from academic leadership. The second step is the submission of the full proposal for approval and is submitted by March 1 to the Director of Experiential Learning and shared with the Study Away Review Team.  

  • the proposal informs the review team of your expertise around travel, how the experience meets the curricular needs of the course, the logistics of the experience and overall cost
  • the proposal must include an estimate from the provider you are working with
  • proposals are submitted electronically
  • the proposal must meet the criteria
  • it is strongly encouraged that you provide an opportunity to receive feedback from your Department Head and faculty within your department/program on your proposal

Proposal Documents

The Pre and Full-Proposals have been combined into a Google Template.  Instructions to complete and submit your proposal can be found [here].

You are strongly encouraged to read the guidelines document prior to your submission of the pre and full proposals.

Study Away Support

Faculty are best prepared when they have met with Sasha Ahmed. Sasha provides leadership for supporting faculty in their effort of proposing a course with a study away experience and facilitates the professional development offerings under the auspices of Instructional Support. Sasha supports faculty in their successful completion of the Study Away Proposal. She specializes in the following topics:

  • Preparing a Study Away Proposal
  • Working With a Third Party Provider
  • Preparing Students for Study Away
  • Minimizing Risk during Study Away

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