Education Department

Child and teacher playing with blocks.

Welcome to GRCC's Education Department

The Education Department excels in providing teaching and learning experiences in the college classroom, Laboratory Preschool and throughout the community to facilitate students’ attainment of the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to become successful professional educators.

The Education programs embrace students at varying levels of professional development; from the student who has just completed high school and has little or no experience with children, to the seasoned teachers with a wealth of experience. The programs provide students with carefully constructed courses that are based on sound theoretical foundations. Courses at all levels include field experiences in a variety of settings with diverse populations. The GRCC Laboratory Preschool is the heart of the program, providing students with opportunities to be involved with children under the guidance of instructors in a model early childhood program. To apply to GRCC, contact the Office of Admissions.

The GRCC Education programs believe that adults, like children, learn best from their experiences, in a community of learners. As a part of that community, students reflect on their experiences in the context of a strong body of knowledge describing best practices, theory and research. The goal of this program is to develop teachers who are reflective professionals able to base their decisions on developmentally appropriate practices for groups and individual children within their cultural context.

GRCC is a community college located in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. As of 2012, population of the city of Grand Rapids totaled 190,411. Grand Rapids is home to people of various races, creeds, colors, religions and national origins. Public school students represent more than 53 languages and countries (Grand Rapids Convention and Visitors Bureau).

GRCC’s primary market is the Kent Intermediate School District. Kent County is one of the more vibrant locales in Michigan, with a growing population in 2012 of 614,462. Overall, GRCC educates over 33,000 credit and non-credit students annually. As of fall 2013, female students comprised 52% of the total enrollment. Males made up 48% of the student population. 32.7% of fall 2013 students were age 25 or older. The average age of students was 21.5 years. The total percentage of students from minority populations was 24.5%.

Grand Rapids Community College is an open-access college that prepares individuals to attain their goals and contribute to the community. GRCC offers associate degrees, a variety of certification programs, occupational training, and other learning opportunities for the surrounding community. Grand Rapids Community College has been accredited continuously since 1917 by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) and is a member of the North Central Association’s Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP). AQIP represents a new approach to accreditation, based on quality improvement principles, values and tools.