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Michigan Transfer Agreement

What is the Michigan Transfer Agreement?

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) makes it easy for you to transfer up to 30 general education credits to participating colleges and universities in Michigan.

MTA requirements can be completed as part of the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees at GRCC or as a stand-alone package.

Can I take MTA courses?

You are eligible to participate in the MTA if you started taking classes at GRCC in fall 2014 or after.

If you attended GRCC prior to fall 2014, you should continue fulfilling the MACRAO requirements included in the catalog of the year that you started at GRCC. You can change over to the MTA, but you will need to speak with an advisor to find out if this is the best option for you.

How to complete MTA Requirements

MTA requirements are in the GRCC catalog and students should follow the requirements outlined in the catalog year that they started taking courses at GRCC.

How to let a four-year college or university know you completed the MTA requirements

Four-year colleges and universities will know you've met the MTA requirements when it appears on your official GRCC transcript. To make sure it appears, you will need to submit the Graduation Application.

You may indicate that you are completing the MTA alone, or you can indicate that it is part of completing your associate's degree.

More information

If you need assistance with course selection or deciding if the MTA is right for you, please schedule an appointment with Academic Advising and Transfer Center by calling their office at (616) 234-3900.