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Foundation Annual Report

A year of bigger impacts, brighter futures

Together, our community stood in the face of challenges no one could have foreseen. As many things continue to change, the one thing that remains constant is your support for our students and this college.

Your generous support has allowed us to award more than $1.28 Million to 1,015 students -- making a difference in many lives when it was needed most.

Brief Stories, Big Impact

French professor at the whiteboard.
Gideon Kortenhoven

Gideon Kortenhoven, Scholarship Recipient

"This scholarship made it possible to complete community college in a timely manner without too much financial burden – which was priceless.”
A group of welding students watching a demostartion
Consuelo Poland Lockhart

Consuelo Poland Lockhart, Alumni, Founder & Ex. Director of the Latinas Welding Guild

“Through my experience at GRCC, I had many doors open up for me and gained the self-confidence to not let industry barriers prevent me from starting a career in a predominantly male-dominated field."
Nursing student working on a patient
Alice Donahue

Alice Donahue, Donor & Retired Faculty

“As a retiree, I saw firsthand the students at GRCC and the challenges they face ... A scholarship could be the one thing a student needs to complete their degree. That support can be life-changing."


Dr. Bill Pink, Dr. Kathy Mullins and Dr. James Buzzitta
It's difficult to imagine the number of lives you have touched and the ripples spreading outward from the people who stand taller today because you cared about them.
Dr. Bill Pink & Dr. James Buzzitta