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HyFlex is a type of room that allows you to interact with people who are present with you and with a remote audience at the same time! We have many HyFlex spaces around campus with auto-tracking cameras, built-in microphones, touch-screen display panels and many other features which enable you to interact, live, with participants in different places. Watch adjunct Dental Hygiene professor Kelli Fedder share her experience teaching HyFlex.

HyFlex Classrooms

  • ATC 231
  • ATC 258
  • Calkins Science Center 133
  • Cook Academic Hall 101
  • Cook Academic Hall 103
  • Learning Center 123
  • Sneden 303
  • RJF 513
  • RJF 315
  • Lakeshore 102

HyFlex Venues

  • ATC Auditorium
  • ATC 168