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Do you like using the classroom whiteboard to illustrate and reinforce your lessons? The Lightboard is like a digital whiteboard, and it can help you teach virtual courses with minimal adjustment to your methods.

It's easy to record and edit videos on the in-room computer. You can also use the Lightboard as a Zoom camera for virtual meetings. There’s even a green screen if you want to stand in front of your own slideshow.

The Lightboard is open-source hardware consisting of a glass panel surrounded by LEDs that illuminate neon ink. Bill Faber, professor of chemistry at GRCC, built our Lightboard. IT Media Technologies staff set up the video equipment, and they are available to help however you need, from just the basic setup to an deeper discussion of your goals for the lesson.



To schedule your session, open the Lightboard calendar, select one of the gray boxes and confirm the details. The appoint will automatically be added to your Google calendar. IT Media Technologies staff will see your appointment, and they’ll have the room ready.

The Lightboard room is connected to the main hallway of the Library & Learning Commons. Use your classroom key to enter. If you need help, or if you need to schedule a session outside of business hours, please call (616) 234-3830 (x3830 on campus) for the IT Media Technologies front desk.

How To

This instructional video corresponds with a set of printed instructions found on the workstation desk. If you prefer hands-on learning, please contact IT Media Technologies staff for a personalized lesson.