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Past Due Balances and Collections


What is a past due balance?

Any outstanding balance remaining after the semester due date once all aid and payments have been applied

What are the causes for a past due balance?

  • Fees that are not covered by State Aid
  • Financial Aid only cover classes within students required course work
  • Financial Aid has been reversed or reduced
  • Missed payment when using the Nelnet payment plan
  • Classes added after the start of the semester and not paid for 
    • If you decide not to attend GRCC and have enrolled for a semester, you must officially drop your classes before they start through the Online Center to avoid being charged for them. This includes students who are using Financial Aid to pay for classes.
  • Withdrawing after the 100% refund period
    • Student Records Fee is a non-refundable fee
    • Refund Policy: Check the refund/adjustment calendar for the refund percentage through your Online Center. Click the calendar icon next to the class you are dropping.
  • Change in class schedule that resulted in additional costs

What should I do if I have a past due balance? 

  • Contact Student Financial Services for account details and payment options
  • Pay past due balance in full
  • Set up a payment agreement

NOTE: You will not be able to enroll in future classes or receive academic transcripts until your past due balance is paid in full

Payment Agreement - how it does work?

  1. Complete the Payment Agreement Form and submit it to GRCC Student Financial Services
  2. Initial payment is due with submission of this form
  3. It is the student's responsibility to keep this payment arrangement
    1. Monitor your MyBill for outstanding balance
    2. Make consistent monthly payments

Collection Agencies

If you do not respond to GRCC's bills, emails, phone calls, or other attempts at communication, your account will be placed with a collection agency. Bills are mailed to the address on file. Students are responsible for notifying GRCC of an address change.