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Dental Assisting Program Options

Program Options

Complete the 10-month certificate program

Students have the option to attend full time or part time. Attending part time takes 2 years to complete the 10-month certificate.

Complete the 10-month certificate program and associate degree requirements.

By taking a liberal arts complement of 8 more courses, an associate degree in applied arts and sciences (AAA) can be earned in addition to the certificate in dental assisting.

Students that complete the 10 month certificate program are eligible to take the Certified Dental Assistant Examination and the Registered Dental Assistant Examination. 

Application Directions

Complete a application online and indicate dental assisting as your program of interest. Enter the Dental Assisting Academic Plan Code number 322 on the application.  

If you are already a GRCC student, you need to complete a Plan Code Change Form. To do this, go to the Health Admissions Office located in room 600 of the College Park Plaza building.

How does a student get on the Dental Assisting Program ready/wait list?

A high school graduate or have passed the high school GED (General Education Development) test.

Have a high school GPA of a 2.3

Take required placement testing.

  • Score at least a 30 on the algebra section of the ALEKS PPL or score at least a 38 on the Arithmetic portion.
  • Score at least a 245 on the Reading section of the Accuplacer Test and 4 on the written portion.

Pass the Preliminary Background Check required for all health programs.

The average time it takes to start the dental assisting program after making it on the ready/wait list is approximately 1 year.